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  • Transitioning From School to Career

    Getting an education is a time that we can explore who we are, discover what our values are, and cultivate relationships. We get immediate feedback about our progress from professors and through grades, and have social opportunities everywhere we turn. After graduation, social interactions are less frequent, require being proactive and following up with friends who are also working long hours and also have limited time. It can be tough to transition from school to workplace.

    This article outlines how to transition from college into your career. I like that it includes some basics, like reducing partying, to more mental health oriented suggestions like meditating and nurturing your relationships.

    13 Ways To Master The Transition From College To The Real World – Huffington Post

    This article is mostly based on getting a job, but what I like is the last page where it compares being in college to the world of work in regards to feedback, schedule, etc. Take a look. Is it any wonder that many struggle with this transition?

    Transitioning from College to the Workplace – Oregon State University

    This is a great article about the common occurrence of post-graduation depression. It highlights the importance of social connections and integrating interests and passions into your life after school.

    ‘Post-graduation depression’ is common. Here’s how to cope – Chicago Tribune

    Despite all of these challenges, it’s important to identify what you miss about being in school and how to approximate it in the “real world”. Increasing social connections is what most people identify as something that they miss most. Reach out to friends and schedule a regular night to get together. Consider finding a new friend group. Look for others at your workplace, neighborhood and friends of friends. Most people are looking for face to face connections. The transition is tricky, but with some focus on your values and meaningful connections, you can feel more fulfilled in your new life.